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Cosmetic Regulation

How to Create Cosmetics Markings that Comply with BPOM Regulations?

Business owners who wish to tap into the cosmetics industry sector need to know how to create cosmetics markings that comply with the regulations of the National Agency for Drug and Food Control (BPOM). Cosmetics marking is an important part of cosmetics packaging because it contains information for consumers about the uses and benefits of cosmetics. Provisions for cosmetics markings are regulated under BPOM Regulation Number 30 of 2020 on Technical Requirements for Cosmetics Markings. This regulation is accompanied by appendixes that explain the detailed requirements.

It should be noted that cosmetics markings should be clear and easy to read, not easily come off/separated from the packaging, and not easily damaged. Cosmetics markings are required to fulfill the criteria as follows:

  •  Comprehensive: The markings must contain all the required information;
  • Objective: All information provided must be in accordance with existing facts and must not deviate from the safety properties and benefits of cosmetics;
  • All information given must not be misleading, must be honest, accurate, and accountable, and must not take advantage of public concerns about any health issues;
  •  Does not claim to be a medicine/aimed at preventing disease.

The information that must be displayed on cosmetics markings are:

  1.   Cosmetics name;
  2.   Benefits;
  3.   How to use;
  4.   Composition;
  5.   Manufacturing country;
  6.   Complete name and address of the holder of Cosmetics Notification Number;
  7.   Batch number;
  8.   Size, volume/net weight;
  9.   Expiration date;
  10. Notification Number;
  11. 2D Barcode;
  12. Warnings and/or cautions.

Cosmetic Regulation

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Cosmetics markings must be written in the Indonesian Language, at least for the information on benefits, usage, as well as warnings and/or cautions. Besides those three points, other languages are allowed to be used as long as they are written in Latin and/or Arabic numerals. BPOM Regulation Number 30 of 2020 does not regulate the language or writing of other information that is not included in the 12 points above.

The 12 pieces of information mentioned above must be displayed both on the primary packaging (the packaging that directly covers the cosmetics product) and the secondary packaging (the packaging that covers the primary packaging). If the size or shape of the primary packaging has a limited area, the marking on the primary packaging must at least include information on the cosmetics name, batch number, size, and volume/net weight. If the primary packaging is not enough to contain the information, then the information can be written on hanging e-tickets, brochures, display panels or shrink wrap, or other markings attached to the cosmetics products.

In addition to the provisions mentioned above, several products, specifically for sunscreen and skincare containing Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), and for whitening teeth products containing or releasing Hydrogen Peroxide, must comply with the Technical Requirement Guideline that is included as appendixes of BPOM Regulations Number 30 of 2020.


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