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Business-Licenses for Clinics

Business Licenses for Clinics: What are the Current Provisions?

Effective from June 18th, 2023, Circular No. HK.02.02/D/7928/2023 on Business Licensing for Clinics is a reference for central/regional governments and other relevant parties in the process of issuing business licenses for clinics. 

In the recently issued circular, clinics are defined as healthcare facilities that organize health services and provide basic medical services and/or medical specialists comprehensively, and therefore are categorized as business activities with a medium-high risk level. Business owners shall obtain a business license number (NIB) and a standard certificate through the Online Single Submission (OSS) system.

To be noted, below are several points that are assessed at the document and field verification stages in the licensing process:

  1. All clinic buildings must comply with the standard requirements that are determined under Regulation of the Minister of Health Number 14 of 2021 on Business Activity Standards and Products for the Organization of Risk-Based Business Licensing Within the Healthcare Sector and their amendments. This recently-issued regulation states that clinic buildings must be permanent and must not have their physical buildings merged with individual residences. Clinic buildings that are located in offices, apartments, shopping centers, etc. must comply with the provisions of laws and regulations;
  2. Other healthcare service facilities such as pharmacies, medical laboratories, and optics may join in the same building as the clinic, as long as the relevant standard business requirements are fulfilled;
  3. Clinics may organize laboratory services to support clinical diagnoses and treatments, in accordance with the laboratory service standards at Community Health Centers (Puskesmas);
  4. Main clinics must employ at least two specialist doctors, two specialist dentists, or one specialist doctor and one specialist dentist to provide specialist medical and/or dental services.

If you have any questions regarding healthcare-related business licenses or other business licenses, do not hesitate to contact our consultants at ET-Consultant. We provide one-stop consultant services that will help you with your needs.

Business-Licenses for Clinics

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