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ETC Business Talk

ET Consultant Business Talk: The Importance of Fulfilling the Halal Certificate Obligations for the Sustainability of Business Actors in Indonesia

​In an attempt to accommodate the various revisions originally set out under Law No. 11 of 2020 on Job Creation, specifically provisions that address halal products, the government recently issued Regulation of the Government No. 39 of 2021 on the Organization of Halal Product Guarantees as one of the various implementing regulations to the new Job Creation Law.

​As a general rule, all products that enter, circulate and are traded within the territory of Indonesia must be covered by the halal certification, which signifies that the products in question are produced from halal materials and have been subject to halal product processing (Proses Produk Halal – “PPH”). However, products that are produced from non-halal materials are exempt from the halal certification obligation and instead, non-halal descriptions should be provided for such products.

Key Discussion Points and Distinguished Speakers:

  1. ​The Halal certification obligation
  2. ​The Halal certification procedure
  3. ​Halal labelling and non-halal information
  4. ​Gradual implementation of halal certification
  5. ​Administrative violation examination procedure
  • ​Mrs. Deasy Wiantie, Director of ET Consultant
  • ​Mr. Trisna Permadi, M.Farm, Senior Consultant of ET Consultant
  • ​Ms. Siti Aminah, Head of Centre Registration and Halal Certificate BPJPH
  • ​Ms. Anisah Ali, Trade Commissioner of MATRADE (Malaysian Embassy Jakarta)

​We understand the importance of providing comprehensive and accurate information on Halal certification and guidelines. As a result, we have organized this special event to offer individuals and businesses the opportunity to receive expert guidance on Halal practices, certification procedures, compliance requirements and other legal and business consultations with presenting an ET Consultant desk consultation.

​We look forward to your presence at this influential event, where we will shape the future of halal obligations and pave the way for ground-breaking opportunities in the industry.

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