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Limited Stay Visa (Vitas) and Limited Stay Permit (ITAS) for Foreign Workers in Indonesia

The Ministry of Law and Human Rights through the Immigration Office can issue a Limited Stay Permit (ITAS) to foreign workers (TKA) for the purpose of staying and working in Indonesia within a specified period of time. All foreign workers in Indonesia are required to have an ITAS. ITAS has various expiration dates, which generally expires within 2 years and can be extended for up to 6 years

Before applying for an ITAS, foreign workers are required to have a Limited Stay Visa (Vitas). Article 5 paragraph (3) of the Minister of Law and Human Rights Regulation No. 16 of 2018 concerning Procedures for Granting Visas and Stay Permits for Foreign Workers (MoLHR Regulation 16/2018) stipulates that Vitas is a written approval issued by the Indonesian government, which gives foreign workers the right to enter the Indonesian territory. In short, foreign workers need Vitas to enter Indonesian territory, and ITAS to live and work within a specified period of time in Indonesia

A. Vitas and ITAS Online Application Procedure

Article 3 paragraph (2) of MoLHR Regulation 16/2018 stipulates that the application for Vitas and ITAS can be carried out simultaneously through the TKA Online website of the Ministry of Manpower before the arrival of foreign workers to Indonesia. It should be noted that the application for Work Vitas is not made through the Immigration website like other types of visa applications. After the Ministry of Manpower has verified the data, the Ministry of Manpower then notifies the Immigration Office to conduct further inspections.

Upon the application, Immigration Officer then issues a Vitas Approval Letter to the prospective foreign worker through the Representative Office of the Republic of Indonesia in the home country of the prospective foreign worker after examining the forms and requirements that have been submitted

Furthermore, the prospective foreign worker visits and brings his passport to the Representative Office of the Republic of Indonesia in the home country for an interview with an appointed immigration official or foreign service official. If the issuance of Vitas is approved, Vitas will be issued to the prospective foreign worker within 2 (two) days after the interview. The prospective foreign worker can immediately depart to Indonesia after receiving Vitas. Referring to Article 8 of MoLHR Regulation 16/2018, the Immigration Officer then provides an ITAS at the Immigration Checkpoint when the prospective foregin worker arrives in Indonesia

Vitas Itas

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B. ITAS Offline Application Procedure

If the foreign worker does not receive an ITAS upon arrival in Indonesia due to an error in the Immigration online system, the foreign worker must immediately apply for an ITAS at the nearest immigration office.

The application must be submitted within a maximum period of 30 days from the date of the affixed entry stamp on the foreign worker’s passport. Then, the foreign worker submits all required documents to the nearest immigration office. If all requirements are declared complete, the foreign worker will be notified by the immigration officer to take a photo. Then, the head of the office or immigration officer issues the ITAS no later than 4 working days after the photo-taking session. Foreign workers who have obtained an ITAS can live and work in Indonesia within the period of time specified in their ITAS


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