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All Processed Food Producers Must Have CPPOB Implementation Licenses

Since October 7th, 2021, in accordance with Regulation No. 22 of 2021 (PerBPOM 22/2021) from the National Agency for Drug and Food Control (BPOM), Processed Food Producers must obtain a license for the implementation of Good Manufacturing Practices for Processed Food (CPPOB), and demonstrate that all facilities used in Processed Food Production have fully complied with and implemented CPPOB standards in all production activities.

The Importance of CPPOB Implementation License for Processed Food Producers

CPPOB is a guideline that explains how to produce Processed Food that is safe, of high quality, and suitable for consumption. The CPPOB Implementation License is a valid document that serves as proof that the processed food production facilities have met and implemented the CPPOB standard in the production of processed food.

Producers who produce processed food to be distributed must obtain a CPPOB Implementation License as regulated in PerBPOM 22/2021. The CPPOB Implementation License is valid for a period of 5 (five) years, provided that there are no changes made by the Producer. Producers violating this license are subject to administrative sanctions ranging from warning to product destruction.

CPPOB License

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Types of Processed Foods

Processed Food is food or drink that has been through a certain production process or method with or without additional ingredients. Before registering processed food, producers need to know which types of processed food require this license as regulated in the National Agency for Drug and Food Control Regulation 27/2017 regarding the Registration of Processed Food (PerBPOM 27/2017). There are two classifications of processed food:

  1. Processed Food produced in Indonesia (self-produced/produced under contract)
  2. Processed Food produced in other countries and imported to Indonesia.

Processed foods of the two classifications must have a Distribution Permit without exception if they are to be traded in retail packaging:

  1. Fortified Food
  2. Mandatory SNI Food
  3. Government program food
  4. Food intended for market testing
  5. Food Additives

In accordance with Article 10 of PerBPOM 27/2017, Processed Food Producers must: 

  1. have a business license for the registered food type; and 
  2. comply with the CPPOB requirements according to the registered food type. 

The implication of the issuance of PerBPOM 22/2021 is that it amends Point b of Article 10 of PerBPOM 27/2017, in which producers must not only comply with the CPPOB requirements but also have a CPPOB Implementation License.

Stages in applying for a CPPOB License

  1. Prepare company legality documents
  2. Register on the BPOM website
  3. Producers apply for a CPPOB License
  4. If approved, BPOM will issue a payment order letter no later than 7 (seven) calendar days from the date of uploading the required documents
  5. Assessment by BPOM
  6. License issued

ET Consultant is here to help Processed Food Producers obtain a CPPOB License smoothly and without obstacles so that your business can run hassle-free.


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