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Limited Legal Due Diligence

When you do business with an Indonesian entity, you need to have basic information about the legal standing of your counterparty. Supported by trained legal staffs and/or paralegals, we assist our clients with a review of basic legal documents.

What is limited legal due diligence?

Limited legal due diligence is a preliminary step taken by a party (eg. investor, vendors, banks) to collect, exercise and assess basic legal information and risks associated with its counter part in Indonesia.

What is the function of limited legal due diligence?

Limited legal due diligence has the function to obtain a preliminary understanding of the legality of a company, legitimate representative and also basic legal-wellbeing information of a specific company.

The followings are sample of our coverage under limited legal due diligence:

Review of the establishment of the company

Review of the key features under articles of association and the amendments from time to time

Review of the current and registered composition of the Board of Directors

Review of the validity of corporate and operating licenses

Other matters as specifically required by the client

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